fence staining

 Customized Privacy Fencing & Fence Staining in the Northwest Arkansas area

Protect and beautify your custom privacy fence with a quality, oil-based stain.

Staining a fence gives the fence a finished appearance and it is essential to protecting the wood from natural wear and weathering. 
By properly staining your fence, you seal the wood from moisture that can cause rot and deterioration.
Choosing a stain for your fence allows you to customize the fence beyond the structure. 
There are a number of stain colors that can further enhance the wood grain and really impact your curbside appeal.

We at Privacy Fence, Inc. believe that it is critical to maintain your fence for a long-lasting, beautiful look. We recommend an oil-based seal or stain to be applied 90 days after the fence is built, allowing time for the wood to dry. We have used several fence staining companies in the past and believe The Fence Staining Company is professional and reliable.

The Fence Staining Company is family owned by Lisa and Cregg Hopman and they have been staining fences and decks in Northwest Arkansas for more than 20 years.

You can contact them by visiting their website, or by calling (479) 925-2222.

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