Fence Materials FAQ & Warranty Information

When it comes to creating customized fencing solutions, it’s essential to start with the proper materials. Here at Privacy Fences, Inc., we’ve made a commitment to using only the best materials for all fencing projects. Have a look at the chart below to understand the materials we provide for wooden fences and how they stack up against the competition.




Yes – Stocked Item!

Eastern Cedar 

Yes – Stocked Item!

Hot Dipped Ring Shanked or Screw Shanked Galvanized Nails – These are the approved nails for pressure treated wood.

Yes- Stocked Item!

Wet-Mixed Concrete vs. Dry-Set Concrete – Wet mixing concrete ensures proper hardening and is used most often while dry set is is normally poured in the post-hole dry, tamped down, and watered down with a hose.

Hand Mixed Concrete Standard

Gate Construction – To ensure strength, all gates should have a 6” x 6” posts to hinge from. To ensure stability, all gates need 3 hinges to swing from, not just 2 hinges. We also use 4 inch screws to connect our hinges to the 6" x 6" gate posts instead of the standard 2 inch screws which come with the gate kits.

6X6 Posts

3 Gate Hinges Standard

Metal Framed Gates (Optional)



Privacy Fence, Inc. guarantees every fence to be free from defects in workmanship for one (1) year. (Not included are the following: alignment due to warping, splitting, twisting, shrinking, checking or other changes in the shape of the wood). All other warranties come from manufacturer material used under this contract. It is recommended that a sealer or stain be applied to the wood within 90 days after construction. This will help lessen the chance of the wood warping or checking.

Our Craftsmanship is Guaranteed on Every Job!
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