3 Quick Tips to Protect Your Fence

  • By Amber Kruth
  • 01 Oct, 2015

Wood privacy fences suffer from exposure to weather, animals

Keep your fence looking like new

Since wood privacy fences are made from an organic material, they are a natural solution to creating a border around your property that is both secure and attractive. If done properly the fence will enhance the value of the home or business by thousands of dollars.

The open exposure to weather and animals, however, can quickly wear away the value of the fence.

With a few steps you can preserve your investment and keep your fence looking like the day it was installed.

  1. Make simple repairs - Extend the longevity and function of the fence by using waterproof glue to repair split boards. Clamp or tape together for 24 hours. Use weather-resistant screws to reattach loose boards.
  2. Clean the fence - Use a garden hose to spray down both sides of the fence. If the paint or stain on the fence is peeling or faded, a high-pressure hose will spray off these unfinished areas and a new paint or stain should be applied once dry.
  3. Seal exposed areas - The base of the fence is most susceptible to rot since it is closest to the ground. Use a clean paint brush and seal with wood preservative.

A general inspection of the fence should be performed regularly, and especially after severe weather. Depending on how hot the summer sun is and how much freezing precipitation there is in the winter, a wood fence should be repainted or restrained every 3-5 years. Spending a few hours each season to repair, clean and seal your wood privacy fence can keep it looking good for many more years.

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